Our Products
The flavors of our land in the relax of  “La Querciola”

The Wines

In our cellar we produce traditional wines such as Albana, Trebbiano and Sangiovese, the result of a careful selection of grapes and an accurate winemaking technique

The Grappas

In addition to wines, we also produce Grappas of Sangiovese and sparkling Trebbiano which you can discover and buy in our cellar

The Oil

Extra virgin olive oil obtained from our plants, in addition to accompanying traditional peasant dishes, is available for sale in our Country House

The Jams

You can taste the jams obtained from the fruits located around the structure, as well as being used in breakfasts to delight the palates of those who wake up in our Country House.

They are offered in combination with typical local cheeses. You can choose between plum jams, grapes, chilli, figs, pears and many others

The Fruits

Within the agricultural company fruit plants are grown such as apricots, for the most part, cherry trees, pomegranates, almonds, stone fruits and some peach trees used to produce the jams that you can find in the morning breakfasts and available for sale

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